To our partners

CyberCorsair Company offers partnership for persons and companies, interested in financial success and constant development of their business.

We are glad to provide you our new approach in partnership. The distinctive feature of the program is its focus on development and growth of the partner together with development of our company.

Regardless of your previous experience and knowledge of export-import operations we have prepared schemes of partnerships for experienced importers and for beginners in this sphere of activity.

The first type of the partnership program consist of the following steps:

Step 1. The partner defines the list and quantity of goods from offered assortment;

Step 2. We make preliminary calculations of incoming price according to acting updated conditions;

Step 3. Upon determining the volume of joint order, the partner makes prepayment of his part of the cargo in amount of 30% of its value;

Step 4. The rest of the sum has to be paid after confirmation of goods readiness;

Step 5. Five days before container comes into port, CyberCorsair Company provides to the partner the final calculation of cargo's value. Cargo clearance will be done in the way that in case of the partner's disagreement with cargo clearance price, he can propose his variant or make cargo clearance of his part of the cargo by himself.

The second type of the partnership program is development of partner's own business under his own trademark. In this case we provide to our partners our long-term cooperation experience with China, our business contacts and infrastructure in China. We supply optimal scheme of products searching, compounding of cargoes, its delivery and clearance, also we provide possibility to use warehouses in Shenzhen for temporary storage of goods and compounding of joint cargoes.

Of course, proposed schemes of cooperation are not determinative and we will be happy to consider you suggestions and wishes for joint partnership.

In case of first type of partnership you can count not only for support in cargo clearance but also in marketing of our products in context of PR and stimulating of its sales.

Concerning cooperation please contact:

044 500 58 88
050 836 21 51
063 710 79 68
Skype: dts_shop

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