Gaming cases CyberCorsair

ddr3 8g

Модули памяти Cyber Corsair DDR3 и DDR4 объемом 4 и 8 Гб уже в продаже.

Модули памяти CyberCorsair автоматически определяют платформу и самостоятельно разгоняются до максимальной доступной частоты. Прошли полное заводское тестирование. Проверены на совместимость с системными платами всех основных производителей.

Приобрести планки памяти можно в нашем интернет-магазине

  • Rating

    Two Thumbs up!

    This game is on top of the league in mobile action games.

  • Rating

    Great gameplay!

    I really like the game center integration and multi-player modes.

  • Rating

    Best value!

    This game is just great, comparing the price and overall game experience.

  • Rating

    Don't look further

    It's simply one of the space games which is available for mobile devices.

  • Rating

    Just remarkable!

    Great storyline combined with perfect gameplay and awesome graphics.

  • Rating

    It's really, really cool

    The game is completely immersive, you will get caught on it in no time.

  • Rating

    Best multi-player modes

    Blast your way through space and share the experience with your friends.

  • Rating

    My rating, 4 stars!

    It's a seriously cool and addictive game, and I can't wait to play it again.

  • Rating

    Just perfect!

    I like the fully open play area to explore the huge space world of Catalyst.

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